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Brand: Amazing Deco
mulaje din silicon diferite formepretul este per model..
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COLORBERRY  CRYSTAL  resin (750ml) - Rasina Epoxidica 0.5+0.25 COLORBERRY  CRYSTAL  resin (750ml) - Rasina Epoxidica 0.5+0.25
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COLORBERRY RESIN CRYSTAL500ml resin + 250ml hardenerClear epoxy resinThe COLORBERRY RESIN is a two-component resin (epoxy resin) which, after mixing, becomes a hard and vitreous lacquer coating. It is mainly used to make abstract  works of art or to seal works of art with a clear layer. Visc..
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Create your own colored resin / epoxy with this high pigmented resin color (50g). This color has been developed excluisivly by MRS.COLORBERRY for amazing results in the resin.- Lightfastness according to wool scale: 8 (excellent)- Shelf life: approx. 3 years- finely dispersed (high end product)- U c..
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