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Terms & Conditions

The online store available at addresses:, hereinafter referred to as AMAzing Deco, is administered by AMAzing Deco, 

This document, hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”, is a distance contract and sets out the terms and conditions of use and how to proceed with the purchases of PRODUCTS and SERVICES marketed through the intermediary of the AMAzing Deco online store.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you also agree to the return Policy, the privacy Policy, as well as with all other documents mentioned in the contents of this document.

AMAzing Deco. reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions shall only take effect for new orders, posted after the publication of the respective changes on this website. So, please read the Terms and Conditions before each ORDER because changes may have occurred since your last visit.

AMAzing Deco. strives to maintain the correctness of the information displayed on our online store. However, in view of possible errors with regard to this information, we state that the pictures of the PRODUCTS are informative and the PRODUCTS delivered may differ from the presentation pictures, due to the change of the features, design, without a prior notification from behalf of the producers. Also, some features or PRODUCT price presented on the site may be subject to change without notice or may contain operating errors.

The promotions and offers on our online store are available within the stock limit.

Promotions running on the AMAzing Deco online store do not cumulate with other promotions / special discount programs.

If you have any questions on the AmaPigments use Terms and Conditions, please contact us by the following phone numbers: 0763 213 303



USER: the person accessing our online store for private or professional purposes and who has accepted the AmaPigments use Terms and Conditions by completing the registration process.

CLIENT: that user initiating and finalizing an ORDER on

SELLER: AMAzing Deco

ABUSIVE USE: the use of our online store in a manner contrary to applicable field practice, regulations or provisions of the applicable law, or in any other way that may cause harm to our company or to other users.

ORDER: an electronic document generated as a result of accessing the online store by a CLIENT that intervenes as a contractual form between AMAzing Deco. and the latter.

CONTRACT: an ORDER confirmed by AMAzing Deco by which we agree to deliver to the CLIENT the products requested by him / her, and the CLIENT agrees to make their payment.

REVIEW: an assessment written by the owner or the recipient of a product or service, an assessment drafted on the basis of personal experience and ability to make qualitative comments and to say whether the product or service complies with the specifications mentioned by the manufacturer or not.

GRADE / RATING: means of expressing the satisfaction degree of a USER / CLIENT / BUYER against a product. THE GRADE / THE RATING is expressed in the form of stars, each product can receive a score from one star to five stars. This degree of satisfaction shall always be associated with the USER / CLIENT / BUYER’s written review of a product or service.

COMMENT: critical appreciation or observation on a Review or other comment.

QUESTION: the addressing formula to other USERS / CLIENTS / BUYERS in order to obtain information on the products or services on that page.

ANSWER: a written information that is sent to USERS / CLIENTS / BUYERS who have asked a Site Question on a certain product page. The answer is an explanation given by a USER / CLIENT / BUYER to another USER / CLIENT / BUYER within a discussion.


DOCUMENT: these Terms and Conditions.

NEWSLETTER: a means of periodical information, exclusively electronic, namely electronic mail (e-mail, SMS) on the goods and services and / or promotions carried out by the SELLER within a certain period, without any commitment from the SELLER referring to the information contained in by it.

DAYS: Unless otherwise stated, the term “day” refers to business days.


THE USERS of the site are kindly requested to read the terms and conditions of use that govern the conduct of all operations and relationships between the parties, these being considered as minimum applicable provisions that are added to the provisions of the Romanian legislation in force. Terms and conditions may be modified at any time by updating the content of this document, making these changes binding with immediate effect to all USERS.


AMAzing Deco. takes all measures to ensure that the information published on its web site, including the PRODUCT description as well as the prices listed, is at all times accurate and complete. However, mistakes can also be made. In such situations, AMAzing Deco shall attempt to remove all errors occurring as soon as possible. If AMAzing Deco finds that the error affected / influenced your ORDER or the valid Agreement concluded, it shall try to inform you as soon as possible, giving you both the possibility to reconfirm the ORDER / the CONTRACT and the possibility of canceling it.

Please be aware that the purchase of PRODUCTS on the Internet offers a different experience than the one in the store. In particular, you must know that:

- PRODUCT colors, as presented on the web page, may differ in reality because they depend on several factors, including but not limited at calibrating your monitor or display of your phone. With very few exceptions, most displays come uncalibrated from the factory. Calibration is a hardware process that involves scanning colors reproduced by the monitor and creating a color profile for calibration.

- the size and shape of PRODUCTS can be perceived differently in the images available on the webpage than in reality, but AMAzing Deco. provides complete information on PRODUCT features in the descriptions presented for each PRODUCT separately, including the quantity of the products.

- photos and images on the web page only have an illustrative / indicative role. For an accurate description of the PRODUCT and the details included, you must carefully read the corresponding PRODUCT description;

- Products shall only be delivered to the extent they are available, so there is a risk that AMAzing Deco. not to be able to deliver totally or partially an ORDER. Also,AMAzing Deco. reserves the right to withdraw any product from the sale at any time.

- AMAzing Deco makes every effort to deliver the PRODUCTS requested by the BUYER in accordance with the assumed delivery date, mentioned in the delivery details email. We mention that all delivery information provided by AMAzing Deco. (on the website, on the phone or via e-mail) are based only on estimations of partner courier companies and may therefore vary from case to case.

- not all products and promotions available on shall also be available in AMAzing Deco retail stores. Online prices are the same as those mentioned on  and applied in AMAzing Deco stores, but occasionally there may be differences.
- AMAzing Deco reserves the right to adjust freely and in compliance with the legal provisions, special prices and special offers.

Communication with the AMAzing Decostaff can be accomplished through direct phone interaction with them or through the addresses mentioned in the “contact” section of the Site. In order to improve the quality of AMAzing Deco services, phone calls can be recorded.
The Seller has the freedom to manage the information received without having to justify it.
The use of this web site for the purpose of deliberately introducing viruses or any other program or material that may be technically harmful or destructive is prohibited. Unauthorized access attempts to this web site, in the server it hosts or in any other server, computer or database related to this website is prohibited. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you are committed not to attack this website through a service blocking or distributed service blocking attack.
Failure to comply with the provisions of this clause shall be reported to competent authorities for the purpose of enforcing legal sanctions and shall result in immediate suspension of the right to use this website.

Although it makes every effort to ensure a safe navigation on its web site, our company cannot guarantee that the site, the servers it hosts or the emails sent do not contain errors, omissions, malfunctions, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, viruses or other potentially damaging computer components, line breaks or any other similar factors. Please note that you use the site at your own risk, AMAzing Decobeing in no way responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use or access / visit of the site or as a consequence of the use of the information on the site. Thus, it is to your advantage to make sure that you have adequate defense systems in place to protect your computer from viruses and / or any other harmful content.
AMAzing Deco. has the right, at any time, to modify, to suspend or to cease the online marketing of PRODUCTS, partially or totally, temporarily or permanently, with or without a prior notice.


Access to achieve an ORDER is permitted to any CLIENT / BUYER.
For justifiable reasons, AMAzing Deco. reserves the right to restrict the CLIENT’s / BUYER’s access to an ORDER and / or to some of the accepted payment methods if it believes that, based on the CLIENT’s / BUYER’s conduct or activity on the Site, his / her actions may disrupt or prejudice in any way the activity of AMAzing Decoor of other clients.

In any of these cases, the CLIENT / BUYER may contact the AMAzing Deco Customer Care Department in order to be informed on the reasons which have led to the application of the above-mentioned measures.

By launching an ORDER on AmaPigments, the CLIENT agrees to be contacted (by phone, SMS or e-mail) by our online store representatives.

If AMAzing Deco. confirm the execution of an ORDER, this shall imply a full acceptance of the ORDER’s terms. Acceptance of the order by our company is considered complete when there is an electronic confirmation (e-mail or SMS) from behalf of the COMPANY to the CLIENT, without requiring a confirmation receipt from the latter.
AMAzing Deco. does not at any time consider an unconfirmed ORDER having the value of a CONTRACT. Therefore, the CONTRACT enters into force upon confirmation of the Order by the company.

These general sale terms and conditions shall be the basis for the CONTRACT thus concluded.


The object of the CONTRACT is the PRODUCT / PRODUCTS in respect of which the CLIENT has expressed the option of buying them, by generating an AMAzing Deco ORDER confirmed by the sales staff of our company. The PRODUCT / PRODUCTS has / have the features listed on the online store.


The PRODUCT / PRODUCTS price is the one mentioned on It can be modified at any time, without notice. Exceptions are only orders that have already been confirmed. Price changes do not apply retroactively.

In the event that the BUYER cannot be contacted within a reasonable time, using the contact details he has provided during the ORDER process, AMAzing Deco shall consider the ORDER canceled and the BUYER shall be notified by e-mail or SMS on it.

AMAzing Deco. makes every effort to ensure that the displayed prices are correct. However, errors may also occur. If AMAzing Deco discovers an error related to the price of a PRODUCT / PRODUCTS already ordered by the BUYER, he / she shall be informed as soon as possible of the error produced. In these situations, the BUYER shall have the option either to reconfirm the ORDER at the correct price or to cancel the ORDER.
If the BUYER decides to cancel the Order after being informed on the correct prices of the PRODUCTS, but before this moment he has already paid the price of the ordered products, AMAzing Deco shall refund the difference in the shortest possible time but without exceeding 10 days from the date of cancellation.

To the extent that AMAzing Deco. did not inform the BUYER on the erroneous prices, according to the provisions of this section and confirmed the ORDER, the valid contract concluded shall be executed properly and the PRODUCTS shall be delivered according to the DELIVERY MODALITIES section below.

The prices displayed include VAT and any other charges, but they do not include packing, shipping and delivery costs.


After confirming the order and sending it, the customer shall receive an e-mail or SMS containing the transport document number (AWB) for checking the transport status, the Order value and the payment method.

AMAzing Deco shall fulfill its contractual obligations within maximum 14 days from the date it communicated to the CLIENT the confirmation message regarding the ORDER. If it cannot execute the CONTRACT because the PRODUCT is not available, AMAzing Deco. shall inform the CLIENT on this situation.

AMAzing Deco can deliver to the CLIENT a similar product with the same price if the PRODUCT initially requested is not available, only after informing and with the consent of the CLIENT.
THE PRODUCT shall be delivered TO THE CLIENT by means of the fast courier services with which our company cooperates according to the CLIENT’s option.

After signing the delivery documents, the BUYER acquires the physical possession of the PRODUCTS ordered. From now on, the BUYER takes all risks on the PRODUCTS, namely the risk of loss or damage.

If the BUYER is not personally available, he / she may designate a third person to take the PRODUCTS on his / her behalf. The BUYER’s representative must be a person with the necessary legal capacity, ie to be at least 18, in order to receive the products on behalf of the BUYER.


The price, payment method and payment term are specified in each ORDER. AMAzing Deco shall issue to the CLIENT an invoice for the PRODUCTS and services to be delivered, the CLIENT being obliged to provide all the information necessary for issuing the invoice in accordance with the legislation in force.

Payments are made in national currency - leu / lei but also in eur / dollar.

Payments can be made by payment due by return or by online card.

Payment in the payment due by return system: It is made in cash, in full, upon delivery of the PRODUCTS. In the case of delivery of the PRODUCT by the intermediary of a courier company, the payment of the PRODUCT is made after the check of the package by the CLIENT. Payment shall be made directly to the courier company based on the receipt.

Card payment: It is made online, fully at checkout by the CLIENT by the MOBILPAY online payment processor.

Unless otherwise agreed by the COMPANY and the CLIENT, AMAzing Deco withdraw from the risks and responsibilities associated with the PRODUCTS and services ordered by CUSTOMERS when they are handed over to the courier, on a contractual basis, or to the CLIENT’s representative.

AMAzing Deco  shall ensure the proper packaging of the goods and the transmission of the accompanying documents to the CLIENT. The delivery of the PRODUCTS shall be made only on the territory of Romania. The property on PRODUCTS and services shall be transferred to the CLIENT only upon receipt of their consideration.


The following point only refers to natural persons under the current legislation.
According to the Ordinance no. 34/2014, regarding the legal regime of distance contracts, the products are returned within 14 calendar days from receipt of the package. In the above mentioned situation, the CLIENT has the right to return any product within 14 calendar days of its receipt and may request the return of the amount of money, the change with another product or the return of the counter value as a voucher. In these cases, the amount of money returned, the replaced product or the return of the counter value in the form of a voucher, refers strictly to the cost of the products, excluding the shipping charges.

The payment of the shipment related to the returned product or that of the product sent for replacement is the responsibility of the client.

If it is opted for:

- Replacing with another product, it shall be shipped as soon as possible (as long as it is available on stock).

- Repayment of the value of the product, this shall be made within 14 days of receipt by AMAzing Deco of the package with the returned products.

- Returning the counter value as a voucher, which you can use in a future order, it shall be made within 5 days of receipt by AMAzing Deco. of the package with the returned products.

Only products that comply exactly with the form in which they were delivered, accompanied by the purchase invoice, are accepted for return.


The following products are not allowed for return:

- Products that have been opened

- Products that have been tested / used

- Products that do not have intact labels, have broken or deleted seals

- Products purchased from other stores

- Products not accompanied by the documents proving the purchase (invoice or tax receipt)

- Products with packaging in any way damaged

These measures are specific to cosmetic products, as their shelf life is calculated from the first opening of the packaging and, with their use / testing, there is the risk of transmission of viruses by transferring the product to another person.



To be able to achieve the return of a product, follow the steps below:
- Ensure that the product exactly meets the above conditions
- Fill out the RMA return standard form that you can access here
- Contact Customer Service  by phone: 0763 213 303
- Pack the product appropriately so that it is protected from shocks that may occur during transport. Products that return in an improper form due to defective packaging shall not be eligible to the return warranty.

After receiving the package, you shall be contacted by a member of the Customer Care department who shall handle the return of your product.

Careful! The responsibility for the integrity of the product during transport with a view to return it belongs exclusively to the client. Damaged goods during shipment that were not properly packed during shipment shall not be accepted for return. If the product does not fully comply with the above mentioned conditions, our company reserves the right not to accept the return of the products. The counter-value of the round-trip transport falls on the customer.


AMAzing Deco shall deliver the PRODUCTS within the time limits mentioned on the ONLINE STORE for the PRODUCT ordered, on the date of the ORDER generation or within 30 days from the date the CLIENT generated the ORDER, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.
In the event that it cannot execute the CONTRACT due to the fact that the PRODUCT or the service is not / is no longer available, THE COMPANY shall inform the CLIENT of this unavailability, and then the amounts of money paid by the CLIENT for the PRODUCT or the unavailable service shall be reimbursed within the maximum 14 days.
If delivery times cannot be met AMAzing Deco shall notify the CLIENT of the estimated delivery completion time.

If AMAzing Deco. receives erroneous information related to the invoicing or delivery of the PRODUCTS, AMAzing Deco. may refuse to honor delivery without this being considered to be a violation of the CONTRACT, or may set a new term for honoring the order.
The products marketed by AMAzing Deco can be delivered everywhere, using the way and the delivery term chosen by you when making your order. After sending the package, you shall receive a notification email on the new status of the order.


All orders placed from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 12:00 are shipped on the same day, except for legal holidays and Black Friday type like promotions.

Orders placed after 12:00, on Saturdays and Sundays or on days off by law, shall be operated and shipped on the next working day. For more information, please visit the list of legal holidays here.

In the case of multiple orders placed on the same account, we need a phone confirmation to send packages.

In rare cases (strong-impact promotions, Black Friday, unexpected events), order processing can take longer due to the high volume of packages. However, the processing of confirmed orders cannot exceed 10 days.

Processing orders including PRODUCTS whose stock was mistakenly reported by our ecommerce platform or those placed by users that could not be contacted by our sales counselors shall be postponed until the situation has been resolved.



Shipping of products ordered on AmaPigments is done by the intermediary of fast courier companies such as GLS.

- The standard delivery rate is 20 lei for orders whose value is less than 500 lei.
- Orders of more than 500 lei benefit from FREE TRANSPORT via GLS
- The delivery term is generally 2 days or less from shipment in localities within the courier company’s coverage area and up to 10 days for non-covered localities. These terms can be overcome in certain cases such as promotion periods (Black Friday, Christmas Discounts, Easter Campaigns etc.) or periods when the roads are impracticable (floods, massive snow falls etc.).

- Packages delivery on Saturdays is possible but it cannot be guaranteed.

- Delivery is achieved in a Door to Door system (the package is delivered directly to your home)

Your package is stored for delivery for a maximum of 5 days by Rapid Courier. If you do not pick up the package within this time, it shall be returned to our company.
If you have two orders with the status “Waiting” and identical delivery / shipping data, the two orders shall be aggregated / united by our system. The first order is automatically canceled and the products from the first order are added to the second order.

As a restrictive measure for CLIENTS who do not pick up the ordered PRODUCTS, we reserve the right to stop sending new orders without their full advance payment.

For further information, please contact us at 0763 213 303 


The confidentiality of the personal information of the AMAzing Deco CLIENTS is one of the issues we treat with the utmost seriousness.

AMAzing Deco collects information through the website, in accordance with the Romanian legislation that addresses these issues. The site places “cookies” on the visitor’s computer, which are used to authenticate, add products to cart, place orders and collect statistical information on the use of our site.

Data collection is done by:

• the CLIENT’s registration form;

• the CLIENT’s information update form;

• the ORDERS’ placing form;

• the contact form;

• the product review form;

• the newsletter subscription form;

Personal data collected by the intermediary of the site are used to:

• Facilitating direct and indirect communication with CLIENTS

• Billing of PRODUCTS / SERVICES ordered by you

• Informing users on the status of placed orders

• PRODUCT delivery

• Informing USERS on the stock availability of one or more PRODUCTS

• Informing USERS on various offers / promotions available

• USERS’ informing regarding the account status of AmaPigments, the evolution and the status of ORDERS, as well as the evaluation of PRODUCTS and services provided.

In accordance with the provisions of the Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented, AMAzing Deco. assumes the obligation to safely administer and only for the purposes specified, the personal data provided by the users of our site.
Our company undertakes not to transmit the data collected to third parties, except for Transport companies in order to deliver the products and the situations expressly provided by the legislation of the Romanian State in force. Thus, your personal information may be provided to the Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, the Courts or other authorized bodies of the state, on the basis of and within the limits of the legal provisions and as a result of some expressly formulated requests.
Any USER who has explicitly provided personal data on the  AMAzing Deco site may opt to delete them from our database by sending an meessage to 0763.213.303
If users do not want to receive further e-mail communications from our company, they can use the unsubscribe link in the footer of the  AMAzing Deco newsletter received via email.
The option to delete your account is via an email sent to 0763.213.303 with the subject: “Delete Account”, in the message specifying the email address used to register your account.
In the event of litigation, an amicable settlement shall first be attempted within 30 business days of filing the complaint at the  AMAzing Deco headquarters. If during this time an agreement is not reached, the dispute shall be settled by the Arbitration Commission of the Chamber of Commerce 

For information and support, you can contact us at 0763.213.303


Posting Reviews, Comments, Questions and Answers can be done by USERS / CLIENTS / BUYERS, by accessing each product’s page in the “Request Details”, “Write a Review” section, or by visiting the CLIENTS’ OPINION page. The inscribed information can be both positive and negative, and shall refer to the features and how to use a product.
When registering a certain Review / Comment / Question / Answer on Site, USERS / CLIENTS / BUYERS grant  AMAzing Deco a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, unlimited territorial license and grant  AMAzing Deco. the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute and display this content.

Each USER / CLIENT / BUYER, when submitting Reviews / Comments / Questions / Answers in the mentioned sections, undertakes to observe the following rules:

- to refer only to features and / or how to use a particular product, avoiding information on changing issues (promotional price or offers);

- to use an appropriate, non-defensive language without any terms that may harm or affect any other USER / CLIENT / BUYER;

- to ensure that the information introduced by them is realistic, correct, not-misleading and in accordance with the applicable law on the territory of Romania, thus complying with the rights of other parties, copyrights, trademarks, licenses or other proprietary rights, advertising or privacy;
- to use this feature only to communicate or to obtain additional details regarding a particular product or service on the Site without reference to other companies promoting the sale and purchase of products or services;

- not to provide or request, in any way, personal data (contact details, information on the address of delivery or home address, phone numbers, email addresses, name and / or surname etc.) or any other information that may cause disclosure of such personal data;
- not to enter information and / or details about URLs (links) from other commercial sites that make the same commercial activity as  AMAzing Deco
- not to try to defraud the services provided by  AMAzing Deco. or to post the Clients’ Testimonials / Comments / Questions / Answers that contain advertising material;

- not to use the Review / Comment as a means of communication with the SELLER; the contact details of the Site shall be used for this situation.

In addition to a critical realistic assessment, when a Review is registered, the USER / CLIENT / BUYER shall also add a relevant Rating for the related corresponding product or service. Customers’ views, along with their Ratings, shall influence the Product’s or Service’s General Rating, which is displayed under the title of each product. Thus, a Review accompanied by a high Rating leads to an increase in the overall Rating, and a Review accompanied by a small Rating leads to a decrease in the overall Rating.
When a Review / Comment / Question or Response is reported by a USER / CLIENT / BUYER as having inappropriate content, from a strictly subjective perspective, this content is carefully examined by the SELLER to determine whether it violates the Site Terms and Conditions.
If the SELLER has repeatedly found that the Terms and Conditions have been breached, he / she reserves the right to suspend the USER / CLIENT / BUYER’s posibility to enter the Clients’ Reviews / Comments / Questions or Answers in the “Request Details”, “Write a Review” and “Clients’ Review” sections.


Referrals or complaints relating to the PRODUCT (s) purchased may be communicated (verbally or in writing) within 30 calendar days of receipt of the order.
For referrals or complaints relating to the PRODUCT / PRODUCTS purchased, BUYERS have at their disposal the phone numbers 0763 213 303 
The maximum deadline for resolving referrals or complaints is 30 days after their receipt.


What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved in your browser. These are downloaded to your browser the first time you visit our site. When you next visit our site, the information they contain is sent back to the initial website (first party cookie) or to another site, to whom it belongs (third party cookie). Thus, it is recognized that the site has been opened with that browser and the status is changed, for example, displaying certain content. In this regard, cookies store, for example, products added to your cart, preferences, or the modality in which you use a site.
What are Cookies used for?
These files make it possible to recognize the user’s terminal and present the content in a relevant way, adapted to the user’s preferences. Cookies provide users with a pleasant browsing experience and support  AMAzing Deco efforts to provide user-friendly services: (eg, online privacy or shopping cart preferences.) They are also used to prepare aggregated anonymous statistics that help us understand how a user accesses our web pages, allowing us to improve their structure and content, excluding the user’s personal identification.

What Cookies do we use?

We use two types of cookies: per session and fixed. The first are temporary files that remain in the user’s terminal until the end of the session or the closing of the application (the web browser). Fixed files remain on the user’s terminal for a period defined in the Cookie’s parameters or until they are deleted manually by the user. At this point, the fixed cookie storage period generated by our online store is up to 30 days (persistent shopping cart, persistent authentication)
How are cookies used by this site?

A visit to this site may place cookies for purposes of:

- Site performance cookies

- Visitor analysis cookies

- Geotargetting cookies

- Recording cookies

- Authentication cookies

- Cookies to store products added to your shopping cart

- Third-party cookies (Google, Facebook)

Do Cookies contain personal data?

Cookies themselves do not require personal information to be used and, in most cases, do not personally identify internet users. Personal data collected through the use of Cookies can be collected only to facilitate certain user functions. Data is encrypted in a way that makes unauthorized people access to them impossible.

Delete cookies

Generally, an application used to access web pages allows you to save cookies to the terminal by default. These settings can be changed so that automatic cookie administration is blocked by the web browser or the user is notified whenever cookies are sent to his or her terminal.
Detailed information on the possibilities and ways of managing cookies can be found in the application settings area (web browser). Restricting the use of Cookies may affect certain features of the web page. Blocking Cookies makes it impossible to authenticate and place orders on  AMAzing Deco
Cookies are NOT viruses! They use text formats. They are not made up of pieces of code so they cannot be executed or auto-run. Consequently, they cannot duplicate or replicate on other networks to run or replicate again.

We do not use cookies to store card information, addresses or other personal information!


 AMAzing Deco. cannot be held liable for any loss if it is caused by non-observance of these terms and conditions / CONTRACT and other instructions mentioned on ONLINE STORE.
 AMAzing Deco. is, also, not liable for the damages created as a result of the non-functioning of the ONLINE STORE as well as for the ones resulting from the impossibility of accessing certain links from the ONLINE STORE.

 AMAzing Deco. is not responsible for damages of any kind that the CLIENT or any third party may suffer as a result of COMPANY’s fulfillment of any of its obligations under the CONTRACT and for damages resulting from the use of PRODUCTS and services after delivery and especially for the loss of PRODUCTS.


All PRODUCTS marketed by  AMAzing Deco., benefits from warranty conditions in accordance with the applicable legislation and the commercial policy of producers. The products are new, in their original packaging, and come from sources licensed by each manufacturer separately.

For referrals or complaints relating to the PRODUCT / PRODUCTS purchased, BUYERS have at their disposal the phone numbers 0763 213 303 



Neither party shall be liable for non-performance of its contractual obligations if such non-performance is due to a force majeure event in accordance with applicable law.


THE CONTRACT is subject to the Romanian law. Possible litigation between AMAzing Deco and the Client shall settle amicably or, if this is not possible, the litigations shall be settled by the competent Romanian courts


All the materials integrated in this ONLINE STORE are the intellectual property of  AMAzing Deco. or of third-party companies that have transferred their ownership rights through usage agreements. These materials cannot be copied or reproduced, except for the time they need to be viewed online. However, complete pages of the ONLINE STORE can be printed if they are intended for strictly personal use.

Without overlooking the overall applicability of the foregoing,  AMAzing Deco. can occasionally offer the opportunity to download wallpapers, screensavers or other utility programs via the online store.

The entire content of the  AMAzing Deco site - images, texts, graphics, symbols, web graphics, scripts, programs and other data - is the property of  AMAzing Deco. and its partners and is protected by the Copyright Protection Law and by the Intellectual and Industrial Property laws.

CAREFUL! The use without the consent of  AMAzing Deco. of any of the items listed above is punishable under the laws in force.


All PRODUCT pictures presented are informative and indicative, they may differ from the sold PRODUCT. There may be cases when the image shown is not updated to the current / present appearance of PRODUCTS. Packaging pictures may differ in reality from those in pictures on this site. The name / design, colors and shapes may differ in reality from those in the pictures on the site. The technical specifications and features described above are for information purposes and are subject to change without prior notice and do not constitute a contractual obligation. All presentations do not bind the producing company or us, the merchant / supplier, in any way to the CLIENT.