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About AMAzing Deco

Welcome to AMAzing Deco!

The brand AMAzing Deco emerged in 2018, when its founder discovered their passion for playing with epoxy resin and intricate designs. We believe that artists come in many shapes, and if some love to strike canvases with brushes, others find thrilling to pour fluids in molds, combine powders and pigments, and use glitter and decorative stones to accessorize their artwork.

We love colors, and our goal is to transform our clients’ houses into art galleries. And we know we’re not alone, and there are many other artists who share our passion for pouring resin liquids into molds and carving shapes in fluids. It’s something soothing in pouring vibrant liquids and combining them, and creating unique pieces of art.

Our experience in creating epoxy resin art has provided us with knowledge and connections. We collaborate with well-known names in the industry to provide high-quality products. We distribute through our online store resin from the German brand MRS. COLORBERRY, known for the non-toxin ingredients it uses to manufacture its products. We offer three types of resin (resin for art, coaster resin, and one to one resin), in various quantities (from 750ml to 4000ml). We also collaborate with Kamenskaya, a known provider of alcohol ink for experimental painting.

AMAzing Deco does more than selling resin art supplies, it also manufactures over 400 loose pigments you can use to create your own products. Our loose pigments come in extra-fine powders you can combine with resin to obtain vibrant pastes.

Paint the universe in a thousand colors!